Acceptable Usage Disclaimer
Please take the time to read this document thoroughly. accepts position postings from utility and energy employers seeking candidates at the supervisory, professional, and craft levels only. Our definitions for these positions follow:

Supervisory: Positions with first-line supervisory responsibilities over small to medium sized staffs comprised of technical, professional or craft personnel in any and all areas of utility operation, finance, customer service, marketing, legal and other industry related functions.

Professional: Positions with little to no supervisory responsibilities that require specific competencies, training and education in particular fields of expertise. These positions could include entry-level positions up through more senior roles requiring more years of experience and specific certifications. Examples include engineers, accountants, planners, lawyers, key account representatives, etc.

Craft: Positions with little to no supervisory responsibility that require technical training and experience typically focused on field utility operations. Examples include lineworkers, gas and/or water service workers, meter readers, etc.

Positions that will not take full advantage of our network include top leaders (General Manager, CEO, President) at utilities and energy companies, Chief Financial or Accounting Officers, Vice Presidents, and divisional managers, especially those at large utility companies.

Our hope is to serve as an effective tool for utilities, related vendors, and consultants to recruit individual contributors and first-line supervisors at a time of scarcity. Our site is not intended to target senior management or executive level candidates and our marketing efforts will not attempt to generate traffic from these prospects. Employers with recruitment needs for qualified executive level candidates should contact Mycoff, Fry & Prouse LLC, a retained search firm with over 30 years of experience in the utilities industries.

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Refunds will not be provided except in special circumstances, such as an unintended posting, and only then within 24 hours of the posting date and time.